How to develop solar..

How to develop solar street lights today

With the increasing scarcity of traditional energy sources, the application of solar energy will become more and more common, especially the solar energy category has become a mature sunrise industry within a few years.

1: In many practical applications, solar street lamps cannot meet the needs of normal lighting in the center of solar street lamps, especially in rainy days. In addition to the use of poor quality related components, another main reason is blind reduction of capital components. Demand design, reducing the use of boards and batteries, so that street lighting that occurs when it rains cannot be provided.

2: The use of battery life should also be considered in the street lamp system. The ordinary battery warranty is three or five years, but the ordinary battery will show the dissatisfaction of the charging state within one year or even six months, and some practice charging rate will be reduced to 50%. It may affect the normal continuous raining night lighting, so choosing a good battery is especially important.

3: Waterproof controller, the controller is installed in the ordinary lampshade, the battery box, the average is not water, but in the actual engineering situation, the controller terminal connection line is usually due to the rain connection line to the controller, forming a short circuit. When the construction should pay attention to the internal connecting wire is bent into a "U" type and fixed type, the external connection line can also be fixed to the "U" type, so the rain can not be poured into the controller circuit, it can also apply waterproof glue, peripheral joints.

4: The current limited solar energy application is one of the most important parts, the price, the light double solar street light, for example, the two-way load sharing is 60 watts, the panel will need about 160 w, 30 yuan per watt calculation, the board cost will reach 4800 yuan, plus 180 ah battery cost in the 1800 or so, the entire street lamp investment capital and far higher than the power street lamp, the formation of the main bottleneck solar street light application range.

5: The choice of controller is often overlooked by a problem, the quality control layer of the engineering contractor is not neat, the 12 v / 10 controller is at 100 - 200 yuan, the market price is the local minimum of the entire street light system, but it is A very important part. The controller is good or bad will directly affect the life of the solar street lighting system components and the purchase funds of the entire system.

6: In the middle of the city, we should pay attention to safety work. Many engineering contractors can not prevent effective theft due to construction neglect. The battery, panel and other components are stolen, which not only affects normal lighting, but also does not form wealth. loss.

7: Some project traders usually choose the quality of solar street lights, LED lights, LED lights, and severely cause light failure to decay by 50% for half a year. Therefore, you must choose a slower hanging LED light, or choose an electrodeless lamp, low pressure sodium lamp, and so on.

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