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Future development is inseparable from solar street lights

China's street lamp factory should pay more attention to the conservation and utilization of energy to the design and operation of street lighting systems, and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction with scientific management and advanced technology. Implementing this decision is not only an important part of implementing the national energy conservation and emission reduction, but also one of the ways in which local governments can effectively reduce fiscal expenditure.

Faced with the huge energy consumption caused by urban lighting in various cities, local governments and street lighting management departments attach great importance to it. Reducing power consumption and reducing electricity bills have always been one of the issues that government departments are thinking about and exploring. However, due to the lack of advanced technical guidance and scientific management, many places have adopted a certain energy saving and emission reduction measures, but their implementation effect is not very satisfactory.

Many local street lighting management departments have tried to reduce power consumption by means of "midnight light", "spacer light" or "unilateral light". These measures did not fully take into account the actual lighting needs of modern cities, leaving great hidden dangers for public security management and night traffic safety, contrary to the original intention of urban street lighting system planning and setting. Nowadays, a new type of energy lamp has emerged, that is, Xi'an solar street light, which is not only beautiful in appearance but also energy-saving and consumption-reducing.

The solar street light is an independent power supply system, which is not affected by the power supply point, and does not need to excavate the road surface for the buried pipe project. It is convenient to construct and install on site. The comprehensive economic benefits are good. In particular, it is very convenient to add street lights to the completed roads. The installation of wind-solar complementary street lights on suburban roads, park roads, coastal roads and highways has obvious advantages over conventional street lights.

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