Prospects for the de..

Prospects for the development of solar streetlights in Australia

The population of Australia is about 20 million, accounting for 60%-1.3 billion of China's total population. Australia has a very large land area with low population density. However, Australia is rich in mineral resources and is a global exporter of mineral resources. Here we need to reconsider: Because Australia's mineral resources are very rich, why solar street lights can be promoted in Australia, what are the advantages of solar street lights?

Sun street light near the waterfront in Western Australia

    As we all know, Australia's southern hemisphere countries below the equator have abundant solar resources, so the Australian people pay more attention to it and try to make full use of this resource. This is an obvious example of the University of Western Australia, which is rich in coal resources. The choice of using coal to supply electricity, low cost, stable voltage, the school will not be affected by weather power. In short, compared with solar street lights, coal power supply has great advantages. Although the use of coal to generate electricity is more advantageous than solar energy, the school decided to choose solar energy. On the other hand, this choice makes the school's initial investment cost higher, but at the same time solar energy has brought a good reputation to the school. People say that this school uses pollution-free green energy, energy saving and environmental protection.

    Solar applications have a huge market in Australia because not only Australia has abundant sunshine resources, but many Australians are especially aware of the importance of green resources. Although coal production methods can reduce costs, they can enjoy solar energy resources – because they take into account the high consumption of coal and the high cost.

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