Application of solar..

Application of solar street lights in new rural areas

With the continuous adjustment of energy structure and the increasing energy demand in the 21st century, solar energy has attracted more and more attention as its renewable, environmentally friendly, non-polluting and widely distributed features. More and more local governments are optimistic about solar street lighting equipment. Road lighting, especially solar street lights, is gradually applied from the edge of urban road lighting to major road lighting, even landscape lighting.

    In recent years, Qinghai Province has spared no effort to develop solar streetlight projects under sunny conditions, just as Golmud has installed nearly 2,500 solar streetlights in the past three years. In the entire North China region, solar street lighting projects are everywhere, Hebei Province. Baoding City began building solar power in the city as early as the end of the century. Solar street lights have replaced the entire city, basically non-trunk road lighting. In addition, the Beijing Municipal Government promoted it in 13 suburbs and rural areas. The new rural “lighting” solar streetlight project is in the forefront of solar streetlight applications. In only two years (2006~2007), Beijing has installed nearly ten Ten thousand solar street lamps have made great contributions to the promotion of solar street lighting applications in China.

     Undoubtedly, with the rapid development of solar street lighting applications, local governments have vigorously implemented solar street lighting policies. At the same time, it should be said that in recent years, after rapid development, solar street lights have become more and more mature, and its advanced, stable, mature, intelligent control technology, remarkable energy-saving features, short investment cycle and convenient maintenance have been recognized. The public, but solar street lights still exposed some problems, and it brought us profits. Therefore, the public's views on this are divided and mixed.

    In general, the reasons are mainly concentrated in short-time lighting, low brightness, and short life of individual components. On the other hand, the root of this problem comes from the different capacities of solar street lamp manufacturers. In summary, solar street lights are mainly provided by suppliers of some system integrators. They don't produce any products, and manufacturers' solar street lights come in thousands of different ways.

    Therefore, we still face many problems in the construction and management of solar street lighting projects. What we have done is to analyze the main problems in the construction of solar street lamps and find appropriate solutions to improve the current server conditions.

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