China's smart city g..

China's smart city gives priority to intelligent LED street lights

According to MoneyDJ, the smart industry and smart living are the theme of the 2016 China (Chengdu) Intelligent Industry International Expo, which opened on Wednesday.

The themes and products on display at the show included smart products, smart cities, smart manufacturing and information security. Other topics covered include smart security and smart home, which demonstrates China's determination to be a leading smart city.

Smart streetlights will become an important infrastructure and gateway for smart cities, providing a foundation for WiFi coverage, charging stations, and monitoring of various information, including monitoring and environmental indicators. The lamp post can also be used for displays, and other areas can be implemented using smart street lights. As of 2015, China has proposed plans for 386 smart cities, which have gradually entered the construction phase. With the acceleration of smart city construction and the widespread use of next-generation technologies including Internet of Things and cloud computing, smart LED street lights are expected to grow rapidly in China. It is estimated that by 2020, the penetration rate of intelligent LED street lamps will reach 40%.

When used in conjunction with power cables and wireless GPRS or CDMA telecommunications technology, advanced smart streetlight applications are the most efficient and reliable. The street light can be remotely controlled and managed. The system can adjust the brightness or dimming of the light according to the traffic volume, remotely control the lighting, including WiFi coverage, and automatically remind the fault light administrator. Other potential features include cable theft prevention or remote recording of energy usage, which can significantly reduce power consumption while improving public lighting management. With intelligent lighting systems, maintenance costs can be reduced by 56% per year.

According to data compiled by the National Bureau of Statistics, China's street lights have more than doubled from 10.53 million in 2004 to 23.02 million in 2014. In recent years, China's lighting energy consumption accounted for 14% of total energy consumption. Street lamps and landscape lighting account for 38% of energy consumption and are the largest energy consumers in lighting applications. Traditional street lamps still mostly use high-pressure sodium lamps, which consume and waste a lot of energy. LED street lights can reduce energy consumption and save more than 50%. By upgrading to smart LED street lights, you can further increase energy savings to 70%.

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